Maai Mahiu is a town in Nakuru county in Kenya that means “hot water” in native Kikuyu language. The name is derived from its springs that boils in the slopes of Mt Longonot.

Maa Mahiu is a home to the smallest Catholic Church in East Africa that was built by the Italian Prisoners of War. However, the prisoners were under the supervision of the British colonialists.

The church structure is approximately 15 feet by 8 feet and is pentagon-like shaped. Four small wooden pews, an altar, and a pulpit characterize it. Upon entering it, you will identify that the inside walls are covered with Latin words that translate “This is the victory that has won the world by our faith.”

I bet you’ve heard about Mt. Longonot. Well, the name Mt. Longonot is derived from the Masai word Oloonong’ot which when translated means “mountains of many spurs. It’s one of the scenic places to visit because you get to enjoy the diverse African Flora and Fauna and the breathtaking scenes of Lake Naivasha and Oserian horticultural farms.

While at Maai Mahiu, you will enjoy mbuzi choma in a local joint known as mabatini as you catch up with friends. The weather is mostly warm, therefore; a cold drink would accompany the meal just perfectly.

Hot Springs Gardens is an ideal place to call home as it is located at the slopes of Mt Longonot overlooking the Kijabe Hostpital. With the 24 hour economy of the area, it is a town that will house the inland port that will make the town an economic hub. Located just less than 5KM from the Dry Port it is an ideal place for residential place. Its 1KM from the Maai Mahiu-Naivasha hogh, it Is an I deal place to call home.

The Maai Mahiu Special Economic zone is already operational and space in the port has been allocated to manufacturers and neighboring countries. The (SEZ) estimates that over 30,000 people will be operating from the zone. Of these 24,000 will be residents making the mixed-use industrial park one of the major hubs outside Nairobi. 

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