The term “land search” describes a request made to learn the specifics of a property’s ownership and other interests that have been registered on that property. It is essential to ascertain the ownership information for any Nairobi, Kenya, plots for sale as well as any off-the-plan inexpensive flats for sale, given the surge in fraud incidents within the real estate sector.

Land records used to be disorganized, which allowed dishonest persons to exploit the situation and steal land from its legitimate owners. With the digitization of all land records in Kenya, all of this is about to change.

The ministry of lands has been attempting to digitize every land record in order to be more effective and responsive to Kenyans. At long last, that

That has now become a reality. Purchasers of land can now do a land search online from the convenience of their homes.

A land search is crucial, particularly if you’re searching to acquire land in Kenya. This is because the search results will reveal who actually owns the property you want to buy and whether there are any lingering questions about ownership. If the land has been used as security for a bank loan or as a surety in a legal issue, for example, a land search will reveal the full name of the landowner, the approximate area of the land, and any claims made against the land.

What is needed to conduct a land search.

  1. Your KRA PIN
  2. Secure internet connection
  3. Copy of the land title deed


i) Create an eCitizen account by visiting the eCitizen portal

A website called the eCitizen portal gives Kenyans access to a number of government services. You must have an eCitizen account in order to utilize the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning portal and search for land. If you don’t already have one, you can create one via the eCitizen site by entering your details and making a password.

ii) On the eCitizen dashboard, click the “Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning” tab

You should log onto the portal after creating an eCitizen account and select the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning option. The portal where you can access land will be reached by doing this.

You should log onto the portal after creating an eCitizen account and select the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning option. This will direct you to the portal where you may access services for finding land and other information about land.

iii) Go to the Ministry of Land portal and select “Land Search”

You will notice a number of alternatives once you are on the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning portal. To start the land search process, choose “Land Search” from the list of services.

iv) As shown on the land title deed, enter the land title number

You will need the land title number listed on the land title deed in order to do a land search. This serves as the property’s special identification.

This is a special code that uniquely identifies the property you want to look for. You will be led to the following phase of the procedure after entering this data.

v) Fill the online land search form that appears after entering the land title number

You must fill out this form with information that can be used to identify the property, including the owner’s name, the address of the property, and any other pertinent details.

vi) Click Next to access the results page for your land search

Clicking the next button will take you to the page that displays the results of your land search after you have completed the form. The search’s results are displayed here.

vii) Review the land search results

You can find essential details about the property you’re looking for on the land search results page. You’ll find information such as the name of the registered owner, the size of the land, the length of the lease, any liens or other limitations on the property, and the status of land registration.

In conclusion, using the eCitizen portal to conduct an online land search in Kenya entails creating an eCitizen account, logging in, choosing the ‘Land Search’ service, entering the land title number, filling out the online land search form, clicking ‘Next’ to view the results, and reviewing the data presented on the land search results page.