Whenever one hears of Mwea, a town situated on the Embu-Nairobi Highway in Kirinyaga County and about 98 kilometres from Nairobi, what comes to mind is the rice farming associated with the area.

What people do not know, however, is that the town’s original name originated from the word Ngurubani, coined from Kiswahili word Gorofani, which means, inside a storey house.

The town came into existence in the early 1960s when rice farmers under the white settlers used to come to collect rice cash from the only storey house, which was their bank in the town.

So, they would say, “Let us go to gorofani”, but they pronounced it ngorobaine, hence the name of the town at the time became Ngurubani. The first storey building is still there and it houses Mwea Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

Rice farming — the main economic activity here — has seen the growth of huge milling companies like Mwea Rice Millers and Nice Rice Millers. There are also small factories that offer employment opportunities. Many people have migrated from different parts of the country to come and cultivate rice or trade in rice. There is also horticultural farming, which goes hand in hand with rice farming. Apart from that, we also have:

  1. Banking
  2. Real estate
  3. Hospitality

The tremendous growth in Mwea makes investing at Makutano Mwea Phase 3 an ideal business venture. The project is located only 10KM from Mwea town, 3KM from Makutano Junction, and 500 metres off tarmac.

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