Kenya is one of the many countries known for their vast land. In some places rich and others not.

The residents of Kenya have since converted the Kenyan land to different plots of totally different uses and functionality. These types of land include:

1) Industrial plots

Industrial plots are not really a new concept in the market as it is. These kind of plots are simply designated for the ultimate purpose of industrial constructions like the construction of industries, warehouses and other Industrial structures. They are usually constructed so far from human residential areas to avoid cases like those of air pollution, water pollution which inturn would lead to food poisoning affecting human life and health.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect location for an industrial plots, special factors are to be put in consideration to ensure success if the same.

An investor should go ahead and do scout location for the industry;

Is there an easy access to infrastructure like good roads, highways , airports or even railways.

One should ensure that continuous flow of materials and finished products in and out of the industries is ,easy and efficient to avoid incurring heavy loses.

Some other important consider to be made is the availability of utilities like electricity and water.

2)Recreational plots

What comes to the mind when we hear the word recreation? Fun and more fun. Recreational plots are usually set aside for the sole purpose of constructing or creating recreational activities such as national parks, amusement parks and also picnic points.

Recreational plots should be easily accessible, Be located close to social amenities like hotels and restaurants.

Availability of utilities is one more thing that should be considered before getting a recreational plot. As we all know alot of the activities run by water and electricity.

3) Residential plots

Just as there is no limit in movement, there is no limit in where residential plots can be found.

Whether in our rural homes or even the urban centers.

In our urban centers, Residential plots are mostly located in the areas set aside for residential purposes.

However how much these plots may be many, they vary in prices depending on their sizes, location, accessibility and their proximity to social amenities like schools, hospitals and the market centers.

4) Agricultural plots

These are the type of plots set aside for agricultural purposes like research by the government or traditional farming by local netizens.

Agricultural plots just like any other plots should be easily accessible, near highways or the mode of transportation you choose.

It’s also vital to look for the availability of water and it’s supply cause it’s safe to say that is the backbone for when the rains end.

Also as an investor looking to invest in agricultural land, You should consider if the type of soil in that particular place is compatible with the type of farm produce you wish to plant on your land.

5) Commercial plots

These are the kind of plots designed for building commercial structures like one stop shops, office buildings and malls. They usually are located in urban areas, along major highways or in the (CBD’s).They are of various sizes depending on their use.

It also is essential to ensure that commercial plots are easily accessible, their proximity to potential customers is high and their location is unquestionable. An example is a commercial plot in a busy shopping area is able to attract more customers than one located in remote areas.


Kenya has so many different kinds of plots. All serving their specific tasks contributing to the growth of an individual and the country at large.

Investing in the right kind of plots will surely give exceptional output. At Comfort Homes we do have all types of plots for sale that will suit your needs.